Core Members to do:

Read our Handbook (largely created by us during Soundtanks).  

The two items recently up for a vote by core members have both been adopted into the handbook by majority vote.  

1) 80% Guideline (please see the handbook for an explanation. Basically it's a guideline to allow a project leader the flexibility to ask a non core Decoda artist to play a project for the success of the project while still using a vast majority core artists.)

2) new membership: Although this question will be closely examined with each class of fellows, it is the recommendation of the AC that we invite the members of this year's Academy class to opt-in. Besides embodying a pool of very talented individuals with useful strengths and a vast network of resources for projects, this issue is very important to the staff at Carnegie Hall, who are actively helping our organization and have made it clear that they would prefer this course of action. This is not a carte blanche to the potential new members-- the opt-in requirements are going to be more rigorous than before, ensuring that only the most driven and dedicated members will complete the process. Having these fellows involved will help generate new work for all of us, and generally strengthen the ensemble.




Marketing Materials

*** There have been a few instances recently where we’ve crossed wires when reaching out to presenters because multiple DC musicians have been reaching out to the same presenter.   As this can make us look somewhat unprofessional we are going to try and coordinate these outreach efforts going forward.  Brad (NY area) and Claire (out of NYC) are taking charge of this coordination effort, please touch base with them before making contact with a presenter.  Thank you!  ***

Interactive Performance Resources


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